I am a freelance image guy. Although I never say that in pubs and at weddings when people ask me. I say "I am a photographer and a camera operator" Even though I edit, direct, produce, (and sometimes do sound).

Sometimes I say "I am a film maker" but somebody put me off that title once.

If I'm at a film festival I say "DP".

I somehow manage to live between Dublin (bicycles, pints,) and Kerry (chickens, bees, trees) (also lovely wife and children).


I primarily like taking pictures of people, but also take pictures of other things like mattresses and craftwork.

I work a lot with my brother James. We make documentaries and interesting videos under the banner of Feenish.

Feenish is a beautiful island in Connemara that we used to sail to from another island called Mweenish. I have still never seen a beach that surpasses the back beach on Feenish island. Sorry Kerry.

michaelkellykelly (at) gmail.com


The weird style for writing the above email address is to stop the droids that sweep websites looking for email addresses to sell to unscrupulous sales droids.