The Well


'The Well’ is a new 3 screen video work by Yvonne mc Guinness. In 2016 Mc Guinness devised a live performance intervention at St Patricks Well inspired by the story of Bridget Cleary. This new installation draws on the universal symbol of the well as a place of fecundity, enchantment and female fertility and a host site for otherness.

I ripped the above from Yvonne's website, I'm sure she won't mind. This was my third time working with Yvonne, and maybe my favourite. She has a lovely combination of concept and delivery, and somehow manages to evoke something ethereal and infinite, while having a lovely anchor in the everyday.

This was screened at the Clonmel Junction Festival. It was 3 10 minute loops, one shot portrait, and two landscape. The sound design was by Ellen King. It'll surely be in a gallery near you in the coming year, and you should get along for a beautiful cinema experience.